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Witchcrafted Art with Sandy

Skull Rattle, Hand Crafted, Altar Tool, Spiritual tool, Voodoo, Pagan, Wiccan, Spirit Shaker

Skull Rattle, Hand Crafted, Altar Tool, Spiritual tool, Voodoo, Pagan, Wiccan, Spirit Shaker

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In many magical traditions, rattles can be used to call upon the spirits and ancestors. The spirit rattle is an ally for creating sacred space, clearing negative energy, or actively meditating. Hand crafted this Skull rattle is approximately 4''L X 3"W X 2"D and can function as an altar talisman or an addition to your work space if you wish to utilize them in in such a way. Every rattle will vary in size, color and shape due to its organic materials. Truly one of a kind.


~ Instrument of Intent.
~ Magical Invitation.
~ Removal of bad habits.
~ Communication with ancestors for guidance.
~ Focus tool for prayers, spells and meditation.

The Power of the Rattle

You use it to call in the Spirits; it is like a lightning rod. You should feel the power flowing through you. Many people have had this experience while standing in the circle calling to their Spirit guides for help. We use the rattle to send our voices to the Spirits. You can call to the world of the Spirits to ask for help, be it as healing, knowledge, or wisdom. The rattle is one of the easiest, quickest, and most powerful helpers we have for doing this.

Basic rattling ritual for calling to the Spirits. It is very simple. All you do is face in one of the four (cardinal) directions and shaking the rattle four times, calling to the Spirits of that direction, asking them to come and help you. After calling out to the first direction with your rattle, turn and rattle to the Spirits of the second direction, again asking them to please come. Continue around until you have called out to all the Spirits of the Four Directions, asking for help to each. Then go to the Earth. You rattle four times to the Earth, asking the Spirits of the Earth to help. You call to the Heavens, asking the Spirits to come and help you. Finally, you should rattle all around the Circle, asking any Spirits whom you might have forgotten to invite, and who want to help you, to please come. You can do this at the beginning of all you work.

Note: Focusing energy for the purpose of "revenge" "malice" or "ill-will" is never a good idea. This can easily result in karmic backlash, such as depression, conflicts or bad luck.

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Materials: Air Dry Clay,Hemp Fabric
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