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Draxi Clay Figure, Handmade Doll Dark Art Magick Poppet Collectible Art Doll Fantasy Creature OOAK Odd Grungy Voodoo Doll Draxi Goth Doll

Draxi Clay Figure, Handmade Doll Dark Art Magick Poppet Collectible Art Doll Fantasy Creature OOAK Odd Grungy Voodoo Doll Draxi Goth Doll

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Gothic handmade doll, called Draxi, full of magical wonder and inspiration! Are you ready to have the best companion ever? In many magical traditions, workings can be done to ensure protection, creativity and Self Love. Hand sculpted Air-dry Clay Draxi hanging doll head are approximately 5.5''L X 3"W X 2.5"H and can be hung as an ornament, altar decor or in your car if you wish to utilize them in such a way.

Birthplace: Shipton, City of Dragons. Amazing views.
Height: 3 - 4 finger breadth's give or take.
Weight: Next question please.
Eyes: Deep and full of magickal wonder.
Birthdate: Age does not define me.
Strengths: Multi-passionate, Listening and Spreading Inspirational Magick.
Weaknesses: Tears & Water Sports
Hobbies: Following the heart, Weaving Leaves, Baking, Sewing and Trinket Collecting, Talking to Trees, Finger Painting and Spontaneous Laughter.

Draxi Doll Story:

From a Pride of Dragons came a small and meek creature, called the Draxi. Some believe they were brought to life by the magical remnants of the dragons breathe. Draxi’s love art and were known for their wall murals and spiral creations made from earth materials. Draxi’s that are given a name are forever grateful for such a gift and in return remain loyal to their friend and give everlasting inspiration when needed.

Magickal properties:

~ Increase the power of the doll by adding special items, like Hematite, Black Salt, Protection Oil, Basil, Patchouli or Coffee.
~ Dispel negative energy or to summon it.
~ Endless creative exploration


~ Instrument of Intent.
~ Magical Shielding.
~ Removal of bad habits.
~ Communication with ancestors for guidance.
~ Focus tool for prayers, spells and meditation.

Includes: 1 Draxi doll created with positive vibrations.
Each doll is unique and will vary in size and color.

Note: Focusing energy for the purpose of "revenge" "malice" or "ill-will" is never a good idea. This can easily result in karmic backlash, such as depression, conflicts or bad luck.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or wish to learn which tools will work best for you, or your home and situation! We take custom orders too!

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Materials: Air Dry Clay,Hemp Fabric,Jute,Rope,Wood Buttons
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