Personalized Art Coaching Sessions

"Experience Personalized Therapeutic Art Sessions for Self-Exploration and Emotional Wellness. Our one-on-one sessions offer a nurturing space for self-discovery, healing, and growth through the transformative power of art. Explore your inner world, navigate emotions, and embark on a journey of self-expression. Discover the healing potential of creativity in a safe and supportive environment.


Select Your Session 

One on One sessions focused on guidance and connection through artistic expression. Custom wellness through creativity for individuals seeking:
  • Reconnection/Grounding
  • Honoring Self/Authenticity
  • Focus/Courage
  • Passion/Desire
  • Transformation/Shift/Change
  • Messy Process/Breaking Perfectionism
  • Calm/Peacefulness


Virtual and In-Person appointments available.
Shipped Kit/Art Supplies Coming Soon
Discovery Session - 30 Min $55.00
Elemental Session - 60 Min $95.00
Exploration Session - 90 Min $155.00



Send us a message and book your personalized art session today!"