Collection: Draxi Collection

Draxi Doll Story:

From a Pride of Dragons came a small and meek creature, called the Draxi. Some believe they were brought to life by the magical remnants of the dragons breathe. Draxi’s love art and were known for their wall murals and spiral creations made from earth materials. Draxi’s that are given a name are forever grateful for such a gift and in return remain loyal to their friend and give everlasting inspiration when needed.

Birthplace: Shipton, City of Dragons. Amazing views.
Height: 3 - 4 finger breadth's give or take.
Weight: Next question please.
Eyes: Deep and full of magickal wonder.
Birthdate: Age does not define me.
Strengths: Multi-passionate, Listening and Spreading Inspirational Magick.
Weaknesses: Tears & Water Sports
Hobbies: Following the heart, Weaving Leaves, Baking, Sewing and Trinket Collecting, Talking to Trees, Finger Painting and Spontaneous Laughter.